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Trucos de Drawn to Death para PS4

Claves, códigos, secretos, trofeos, logros, consejos
Sábado 21 de Mayo de 2022 por Alvaro Ondina

En esta página, te mostramos el listado completo con todos los trucos para Drawn to Death para PS4, con los que podrás avanzar más rápido en el juego. Códigos, claves, consejos, guías y todo lo que consigamos te lo mostraremos.

Trucos para Drawn to Death en PS4

Drawn to Death es un título de acción multijugador cargado de violencia y gore que se desarrolla en las páginas de un cuaderno de un adolescente a cargo de The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency y Sony para PlayStation 4. Durante nuestro paseo por este extraño mundo lleno de sangre podremos desbloquear toda una serie de trofeos en nuestra PlayStation 4:


I hate my stupid stepdad: Get 1st place in any ranked game.

Oh crap, did I brush my teeth today?: Get 20 total kills in ranked games.

I'm getting hungry: Get your first kill in any ranked game.

Or maybe I'm just bored. I think that's it - I'm bored: Get 100 total kills in ranked games.

But I mean, why wouldn't be? This class sucks so bad: Get 1st place in 25 ranked Deathmatch games.

Maybe I'll say I need to go to the bathroom: Use all Alientown warps in one match - including secret warps!

Then I'll just hide in a stall and watch videos till class ends: Discover granny's terrible secret!

Amy keeps looking at me and smiling. That's weird. It's cool, but it's weird: Smasher SMASH!!!!!

I wonder if she likes me. How amazing would that be: Reach floor 15 of any month's tower.


Maybe she just feels sorry for me. Or maybe she's smiling at someone behind me?: Get 1.000 total kills in ranked games.

Nope - there's just a poster of Abraham Lilncoln behind me. She could be smiling at the poster, I guess? That'd be so wird: Play and finish 50 games in any ranked game mode.

Actually, that would make me like her more. And to be clear, what I mean is, if she IS a little weird, I'd like that: Get any two characters to level 15.


I wasn't saying I'd like her more if she wanted to get with Abe Lincoln. That'd be super gross cuz he's dead. ANd very tall: Get 3rd place or above in 300 games in any ranked game mode.   

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