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Trucos de Dex para PS4

Claves, códigos, secretos, trofeos, logros, consejos
Sábado 21 de Mayo de 2022 por Alvaro Ondina

En esta página, te mostramos el listado completo con todos los trucos para Dex para PS4, con los que podrás avanzar más rápido en el juego. Códigos, claves, consejos, guías y todo lo que consigamos te lo mostraremos.

Trucos para Dex en PS4

Llega Dex a nuestras consolas y PC en forma de aventura 2D con un gran contenido de acción RPG. Con su estilo Neo-Cyberpunk nos dará a elegir entre un potente combate cuerpo a cuerpo y optar por escondernos haciendo uso del sigilo. Mientras recorremos sus niveles, podremos desbloquear una serie de trofeos para las versiones de plataforma de Sony: 


Hackers and children first: Don't leave anyone behind. 

Back to the kitchen: Rescue Shen. 

The Tranquil: Find Soto.

Papers please!: Expose Crash's identity to the world.

Assassin: Perform 20 Takedowns in a single playthrough.

Sniper: Perform a headshot.

Silver-tongued: Successfully use the Convince option in a dialog.

Lock, stock and barrel: Pick 10 locks.

Anti-terrorist: Neutralize the TruBody gang.

Thug: Reach level 5.

Mercenary: Reach level 10.

Runner: Reach level 15.

Cyborg: Install 7 implants.

Professional: Maximize a Major skill to level 6.

Software Engineer: Upgrade a software to its maximum level.

Collector: Complete Hank's collection.

Gods of Beauty: Open the safe in the Aphrodite.

From Prague with love: Open the safe on the Eclipse.

Out with the old: Meet the new BiofarmTech receptionist.


New circle: Help an old man off the street.

No touching!: Resist the allure of a Flesh-and-Blood.

Tricks of the trade: Had a taste of all the 'professionals'.

Best a war machine: Bested a war machine.

Twice beaten, twice shy: Defeated an old acquaintance for the second time.

PTSD: Forced Mitchell to confront his past.

Farewell-we-miss-you: Opened Ellie's eyes.


I am invincible!: Show THE Armagear hacker who's boss.

Happy ending: Reunited ill-fated lover.

Light 'em up: Acquire the laser gun.

Haven't you been busy: Met the original.

Ready-Set-Energo!: Drank more than 10 Energo Colas.

Elevator pitch: Got crushed by an elevator.


Dex: Complete the game.

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