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Trucos de The Flame in the Flood para XONE

Claves, códigos, secretos, trofeos, logros, consejos
Domingo 06 de Marzo de 2016 por Alvaro Ondina

En esta página, te mostramos el listado completo con todos los trucos para The Flame in the Flood para XONE, con los que podrás avanzar más rápido en el juego. Códigos, claves, consejos, guías y todo lo que consigamos te lo mostraremos.

Trucos para The Flame in the Flood en XONE

La supervivencia vuelve a nuestras pantallas con The Flame in the Flood. Nos adentraremos en su mundo inundado para enfrentarnos a una fauna peligrosa y tratar de no ahogarnos. Mientras recorremos el título podremos desbloquear una serie de logros en nuestra versión de Xbox One:
Animal Friend: Completed the campaign without killing any animals.
Vegetarian: You survived 40 days in Endless Mode without eating any meat.
Paleo Diet: You survived 40 days in Endless Mode without eating any plants.
Pack Rat: You expanded your inventory to the maximum.
Arctic Survivor: Equipped a full seat of Bear Hide clothing.
Seafarer: You fully upgraded your raft in a single playthrough.
Crafty: You crafted every item.
Dead Eye: You killed every type of animal with arrows.
Under The Stars: You survived 40 days in Endless Mode without sleeping in a shelter.
Chatty: You spoke with every river resident.
Learned The Hard Way: You died in every possible way.
The Longest River: You survived 100 miles in Endless Mode.
River God: You survived 200 miles in Endless Mode.
The Grey: You are the killer of wolves.
Field Medic: You cured 30 afflictions in a single playthrough.
High Ground: You reached High Ground in the Campaign Mode.
The Path Up: You reached Angel Yards in Campaign Mode.
The Kingdom: You reached The Kingdom in Campaign Mode.
Forager: You ate every type of plant.
Stay Warm: You built a campfire.
Mechanic: You repaired 1000 points of raft health.
Invincible: After 20 days of travel, you had every stat at 100% and no afflictions.
I Been Everywhere, Man: You visited every location type.
Pay It Forward: You started a new game with items in Aesop's bag.
Locusta: You poisoned 20 wolves with tainted meat.
Speed Boat: You travelled 20 miles with the raft motor running.
In Wolf's Clothing: You equipped a full set of Wolf Hide clothing.
Sickly: You have contracted every affliction.
By A Thread: You stacked 10 afflictions.
Seamstress: Made 50 articles of clothing.
Can Bearly Take It: Take that... bear.
Snake Charmer: You lured a hostile animal into a snake.
Iron Stomach: You ate all the bad stuff in a single playthrough.
Death on the Trail: Dehydration AND dysentery? Are you from Oregon?
Terraphobia: You travelled 10 miles on the river without stopping.
Hallelujah: You slept in over 20 churches.