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Stranger of Sword City nos reta a vencer a cuantos enemigos se pongan en nuestro camino mientras recorremos sus mazmorras. Con su interesante oferta en cuanto a sus características RPG nos veremos atrapados en su interior hasta sacarle todo el partido a la aventura. Mientras recorremos cada rincón del título podremos desbloquear una serie de trofeos disponibles en nuestra PlayStation Vita:



Beginner Hunter: You have re-hunted a Lineage Type for the first time.  

Skilled Hunter: You have hunted down 10 Lineage Types in one playthrough.  

High-Class Hunter: You have hunted down 20 Lineage Types in one playthrough.  

Collector: Your first time seeing a Butterfly Nest.

Dilettante: You found 10 Butterfly Nests.

Maven: You found 30 Butterfly Nests.

Supreme Dining Table: You fed Mumic a unique item.

Legendary Small Katana: You have obtained Small Muramasa.

Legendary Magical Katana: You have obtained the legendary katana, Muramasa.

Disgusting Cursed Katana: You have obtained the mighty giant cursed katana.

Receiving a Windfall: You retrieved Gurrba Panties.

Fish in Troubled Waters: You retrieved Anna's Undies.

E Rank Item Collector: You obtained an E rank equipment.

D Rank Item Collector: You obtained a D rank equipment.

C Rank Item Collector: You obtained a C rank equipment.

B Rank Item Collector: You obtained a B rank equipment.

A Rank Item Collector: You obtained an A rank equipment.

S Rank Item Collector: You obtained an S rank equipment.

Ambush Rookie: You have won an ambush battle.

Ambush Pro: You have won 20 ambush battles.

Ambush Veteran: You have won 50 ambush battles.

Chocolate Maniac: You hunted Lineage Type Mukabu the Third.

Unexpected Opponent: You hunted Lineage Type Blue Head.

Belated Hero: You hunted Lineage Type Ghost Captain.

Large Appetite: You hunted Lineage Type Jormungand.

Butterfly Effect: You hunted Lineage Type Tri-Color.

Support Member: You have created your own character.



Stranger: You have been registered as a Chosen One at the Strangers Guild.

Departure: You have begun to hunt down the Lineage Types that hide within the labyrinths.

My Friends: Completed a quest for Gnuta.

Life-Shaving Dust: Hunted down Le Musa and completed the quest [Poison to Poison].

Hardass Instructor: Performed an evaluation with Armor Knights and completed the quest [Knight Standoff].

Unintentional Disaster: Performed a sacrifice at Monolith and completed the quest [Dimension Gate].

Dragon Killer: Hunted down Death Dragon and completed the quest [Elder's Suggestion].

Shop Territory: Completed a quest for the Phoenix Brother Squad and completed the quest [Phoenix Squad].

Insane Betrayal: Traveled through the Valley of the Ruined and completed the quest [Call From Kyo].

Separation from Anna: Completed the quest [Sudden Departure].

Secret that Lies Beneath the Sea: Reached the deepest end of the sea and discovered Marilith's secrets.

Alm Awoken: Escaped from the Elder's evil clutches and completed the quest [Land of the Origin].

Frozen Truth: Found out the truth from Dranserk at the Mausoleum of Ice.

Cemetery of Sky Ships: Hunted Charon and completed the quest [Mausoleum of Storms].



God's Heart: Reached the end of the story.

Chosen Vessel of the Dragon God: Finished the Dragon God's challenge and unleashed yourself from the chains of destiny.

Fate of a Traitor: Hunted down Kyo, who ambushed the guild.



Stranger of Sword City: You've got all of the Stranger of Sword City Trophies! Thank you very much for playing!

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