Trucos Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS-Force psvita

Claves, códigos, secretos, trofeos, logros, consejos

BroDe la serie Mobile Suit Gundam llega un juego de acción en el que podremos manejar Mechas y encarnar a sus pilotos. Podremos disfrutar del título de Bandai Namco en nuestras PlayStation Vita. Además podremos disfrutar de la opción Force System, que nos permite pausar la batalla para dar órdenes a nuestras tropas. A continuación os mostraremos cómo desbloquear una serie de trofeos en vuestra PlayStation Vita



LINKED: 0079: Cleared Area 1

Rise Once More, Gundam!: Cleared all Missions in Area 1

LINKED: 0087-0089: Cleared Area 2

I Can Use the Gundam Better than Anyone!: Cleared all Missions in Area 2

I am a Gundam!: Cleared all Missions in Area 3

Gundam of Gundams: Cleared all Missions in Area 4

Tigerbaum Dream: Acquired 20 MS

The Junk Trade: Acquired 4 warships

Eradicator of War: Cleared 50 Missions

This Thing Moves!: Used all MS to clear Missions

Ability of a Captain: Used all warships in Missions

Ace Pilot: Named as Ace for the first time

Awarded a Medal: Named as MVP for the first time

The Beast of Possibility: Links reach MAX for the first time

On the Frontline: Captured a base for the first time

The Chimera Corps: Defeated 100 enemy MS, MA, warships

Power Flowing Through the Body: Used all Force Commands

Last Shooting: Landed the winning blow 30 times

Gundam Fight: Cleared a Mission 10 times without fatality using only melee combat.

Prince of the Stars: Hover for a total of 300 seconds or more

Tactical Forecaster: Achieved maximum Cost efficiency in all teams

Calm Down and Shoot: Attempted to fire an empty weapon 50 times in a row

A wakening of the Trailblazer: Commenced EXTREME-FORCE Mode

Observer: Browsed 5 pieces of information on MS, MA, warship

EXTREME MISSION 1: Cleared Mission The Battle of Jaburo

EXTREME MISSION 2: Cleared Mission Zeon's Final Defensive Line

EXTREME MISSION 3: Cleared Mission Glittering Stars

EXTREME MISSION 4: Cleared Mission With Dreadful Memories

EXTREME MISSION 5: Cleared Mission Gundam Fight, Ready Go!!

EXTREME MISSION 6: Cleared Mission The Control Program (DC)



LINKED: 0093-0096: Cleared Area 3

LINKED: ex-dream: Cleared Area 4

No Wonder Dad's Been Preoccupied: Acquired all MS

General Revil: Acquired all warships

Haro Collector: Acquired 100 Haro medals

Mission Complete: Cleared all Missions

Top Ace: Named as Ace for the 50th time

The Second Coming of Char: Captured your 100th base

White Devil: Defeated 500 enemy MS, MA, warships

Coordinator: Cleared 10 Missions without taking damage



I Love Haro!: Acquired all Haro medals

The Zeon Cross: Named as MVP for the 50th time

Over the Rainbow: All pilots' links have reached MAX



FA Project Complete: Acquired all trophies

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