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Ya ha llegado la nueva entrega de Atelier con la alquimista Sophie como protagonista central. Mientras descubrimos los secretos de la alquimia y reclutamos el grupo de compañeros perfecto, iremos haciéndonos más fuertes y combatiremos a las criaturas. También podremos desbloquear toda una serie de trofeos en nuestra consola de Sony: 



Meeting A Wonder Book: Meet a living book whose name is Plachta.

The project failed!: The plan to transform Plachta into a human girl fell through. 

A New Self: Dress in a new costume. 

Monika Singing on The Stage: Enjoy Monika's concert.

Reliable guy, Osker: See Oskar carrying Monika in his arms to nurse her.

Drastic Slash: Be saved by a mystery man.

It Is An Orgel: Find out that the mechanical box is actually an music box.

Recreation at The Lake: Have a good time with Leon at the Lake.The Repaired Clock: See the clock repaired by Harol.

Owner of The Voice: Make out what was causing the mysterious voice from the hut.

Without Glasses: See Elise without her glasses.

Horst's Surprising Talent: See Horst playing the piano proficiently.

Date with Tess: Enjoy a date with Tess.

Sister's Smile: The donation to church reach the target figure which makes Pamela very happy.

Logy's Firm Will: See Logy setting his goal in life.

Barrel!: Touch a barrel which is a traditional item in Atelier Series.

The Best Pianist: Become proficient in playing the piano.

True or Not: Buy a rumor.

I can do anything!: Reach the highest quest rank.

Change A Mood: Change form of Plachta.

Plachta With Delight: Please Plachta by "Dollmake".

A Happy Present: Be given a present.

A Total Disaster: Have a terrible experience while moving on the worldmap.

Please Colneria!: Consign goods to Corneria's shop.

Custom-Made Equipments: Make a weapon or a protection.

Suitable and Strong Equipments: Strenghten a weapon or a protection.

Sleepyhead: Keep sleeping for three days.

Saving Entthusiast: Save 100,000 Kohl.

Punipuni!: Experience your first battle and defeat Puni.

A Deadly Blow: Execute "Special Attack" to monsters.

The Sunlight Dragon: Defeat Yashik.

The Shadow Dragon: Defeat Durak.

The Incarnation of Shine: Defeat the shinning elemental.

The Monstrous Left Hand: Defeat Nasars.



Close Friendship: Succeed to transform Plachta into a doll.

Alchemical Intelligence Pot: Meklet and Atomina take the Alchemical Intelligence Pot before others at "wisdom gate".

The Expert Adventurer: Reach the maximum adventurer level.

The Expert Alchemist:Reach the maximum alchemist level.

The Cruel Violator: Defeat Evilking.

The Alchemist of Exhaustion: Defeat Luard.



After A Battle: Return to the atelier, after a fight against Luard.

Chllenge from Plachta: Accept a challenge from Plachta.

Good Friend!: Raise the friendship point to the maximum of all party characters.

The Master of Inspiration: Come up with all recipes.



The Alchemist of the Wonder Book: Unlock all trophies. Congraturations! Thank you for playing!

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